Torch Jacket Care Instructions

Torch Jacket Care Instructions

So you purchased a Torch Jacket

We hope you love the look, feel and fit of the chore coat, but we want to make sure your experience with the garment is top-notch so we put together this wear and care guide for you.


You will notice on the care tag we recommend washing in cold water with like colors, which is correct. What the care label does not state is IF you wash our Trailblazer Stretch Canvas Fabric in an overstuffed washer or dryer it will create wrinkle lines due to the fact the garment has no room to flow freely and it will rub off the dye and show wrinkle marks. The garment needs room to be lightly agitated for cleaning purposes.

You will want to wash the coat as little as possible as washing the jacket or any piece of clothing reduces the longevity of the fabric fibers and reduces dye vibrancy. If you spill some BBQ sauce on it in a drunken stooper (not that any of you would) attempt to spot clean the coat instead of putting the whole thing through the wash.

As always, for best results, dry clean, which is also an option stated on the care tag. You made an investment into this piece of clothing, so make it last forever.

If you did wash in an overstuffed washer and noticed dye wrinkle marks, it is not the end of the world, after a few more correct “non-stuffed” washes it will bleed back into each other and slowly go away.


Our care tag states to tumble dry low. This means LOW HEAT. Drying normally or with high heat will possibly shrink the coat, this is a 98% cotton stretch canvas garment so there is a possibility of shrinkage.

Our recommendation is to dry for 10 minutes on tumble dry low, then remove to air dry. The coat will feel slightly stiff after a wash and dry (hang dry) but will stretch back out with wear.

The same “over-stuffed” warning applies to drying the coat. This issue is actually more prevalent in the dryer because you are now applying heat.


The care tag label recommends ironing on medium heat, but first, test the heat of the iron on an inside out portion of the coat for any color alteration. All irons have different heat settings, so you can never be too careful. A garment steamer is preferred if available.

We hope you love your coat and if you have any issues with it at all please contact us at [email protected].

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